Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Out of Sight, Out of Mind

Two months ago today was the Son Followers Blog kickoff.  Thirty seven posts later, Diego is still following the sun around in our living room.  Today I was driving to work and noticed it was overcast, which reminded me of something my wife had said not long ago after reading the "Introduction" post from December 1st.  The question was what do you think he'll do on a day where he can't see the sun?  So, I called home to check on the dog, and sure enough he had spent the morning just laying on the couch moping around.  He hadn't bothered to go looking for the sun or lay down by the window waiting for it to reappear.  Out of sight... out of mind.

Isn't that exactly what we do?  When God gets our attention we're interested in him, and when he disappears from view we find other things to hold our attention.  God sent Moses to Pharoah and ten plagues later out walk the people of Israel, freed from the tyranny of Pharoah.  They had just experienced the passover, where God had spared their children and took those of the Egyptians.  Finally they're leaving Egypt, and suddenly they see Pharoah's army chasing them.  Do they seek God?   Nope.

“Then they turned against Moses and complained, ‘Why did you bring us out here to die in the wilderness?  Weren’t there enough graves for us in Egypt?  Why did you make us leave?’”  (Exodus 14:11) NLT

So God parted the Red Sea for them.  They were saved, as He promised.  So off they went through the desert, and immediately they began to complain.  “What are we going to drink?”  “At least in Egypt we had plenty to eat.”  Cue manna from heaven and water from a rock.  God provided for them miraculously and over and over they complained about the next problem, the next trial, the next concern. 

God called Moses up onto Mount Sinai to give him the law and the Ten Commandments.  But when it started to take a little longer than they were expecting, they grew impatient.

“When Moses failed to come back down the mountain right away, the people went to Aaron.  ‘Look,’ they said, ‘make us some gods who can lead us.  This man Moses who brought us here from Egypt has disappeared.  We don’t know what has happened to him.’”  (Exodus 32:1) NLT

Out of sight… out of mind.  Just like us.  For those of you who are Christians, think about your spiritual history.  Hasn’t God sustained you?  Hasn’t he been faithful to you?  Do you still find yourself forgetting about the times in your life where you could see His hand so clearly and ignoring Him to run off to take care of things yourself?  God is God all the time, even when the storm clouds hide his face--even when the thunder overpowers his voice.  It’s then that we must look for him and seek him earnestly. It’s then that we discover just how deep our trust goes.  When God hides behind the clouds, do we seek Him anyway?  Do we still look to the heavens in hopes that His light will return and cast out the darkness?  Or do we go find our $2 flashlight and traipse around in the darkness on our own? 

When the sun is out and the light is shining, let’s be followers of that light.  When the sun goes behind the clouds, let us remember that, though hidden for a time, the sun is still there and earnestly seek to catch another glimpse.

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