Wednesday, December 1, 2010

An Introduction

My family and I have a miniature schnauzer named Diego (named after Dora the Explorer's cousin).  He's very playful at times, incredibly lazy at times, and mostly just fascinating to watch.  His favorite thing to do during the day is follow the sun around.  It's his mission in life.  I was working from home one day and watched him move from the middle of the couch to the arm of the couch and finally down on the floor as he inched closer and closer to the window.  Eventually it was time for him to switch sides of the house as the sun began to show up at the opposite window.  He knew where the sun was going and he just followed it around.

I think that's a great picture of what the Christian life should be.  It's very easy for us to take the lives we've been given (by God) and spend the finite number of hours we have on this earth on us and whatever it is that makes us happy.  Eventually, we want God to revolve around us too.  Have you ever made a plan, thought it all out, and then ended up irritated at God for having the nerve to not make it all work out for you?  All that effort you put into building a boat and you end up crashing on the rocks because the helmsman fell asleep at the wheel!  How aggravating!

But when Jesus went around picking his disciples, he didn't say "Tell me how I can best serve you today."  He said "Follow me."  To us, I think he might say “I am God, you are not.  I see the future, you do not.  I died on a cross to free you from your sin.  You could not.  You have a blind side big enough to fully engulf a tractor trailor.  I do not.  In short, life works best when I am the leader and you are the follower.”  

I want to follow Jesus.  He died for me, loves me, and wants what's best for me.  I desperately want to avoid stupid mistakes like those I've made early on in my life.  I know without a doubt if I am on my own I'm in trouble, flying in complete cloud cover with no instruments.  The more closely I have followed Jesus and the more I have learned about, accepted, and strived for His will for my life, the better my life has been.  

This blog is all about being a follower.  We will discuss things we've learned and experienced--what we've seen and what we believe.  We will discuss how we've succeeded and how we've failed.  We'll discuss what great things God has done for us and how being a follower has made all the difference.  We hope this blog becomes a place for you to come to be encouraged, to maybe see God a little differently, and to share how God has impacted you as well.  So pull up a chair and stay a while!  Want some coffee?


  1. Amen Mike! So glad and honored you invited me to read. We're looking forward to more.
    Merry Christmas!

  2. Thanks for stopping by! :) I hope you and your family have a spectacular Christmas.


  3. Cute tie in with your dog. I'm enjoying reading your posts. Keep it up!